Ultra link

Company Profile

Ultra link is the fast link between the global and the local. Our goal is to facilitate the communication between the partners and to help them achieve mutual understanding on the way to the common goal – the business efficiency.

Ultra link operates on the global level and is an equal player in the world-wide business. We know how to use all the opportunities that are given in the business world, respecting and using to your benefit the local business particularities. This is the philosophy we have been promoting with our clients.

Ultra link wins the loyalty of the clients by an honest and open approach, as well as with the persistent quality and competence. Every client we decide to handle remains equally important regardless of the business volume involved.

Ultra link doesn't hesitate to educate. On the contrary, the stronger is our client's knowledge of the supply chain management, the stronger is our mutual relationship as business partners.

Ultra link is proud to be a socially responsible company and a desirable employer. We want to demistify the diversities by promoting the multicultural, the freedom of free action and responsible business.

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