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Goods and Services

Your partner in the supply chain

Ultra link gathers the specialists in the organization of the integral supply chain – from sourcing and designing, to production and delivery – of the promotional and commercial products under the client's own brands in the non-food segment. Given that we deal with a wide variety of the consumption goods, we are also able to service the specialist retailers in the area of commercial products regardless of the category complexity. The client has only to be ready for competent planning.

Your business consultant

Ultra link provides the consulting services and technical support related to sourcing, employment of the production capacities, company registration, employment of local staff, quality control, market research etc. in the Far East countries.

Ultra link is a certified HAMAG consultant (Croatian Agency for Small Business) for small and medium business entrepreneuership in developing business and marketing plans, as well as in managing of the supply chain.

Ultra link provides the service of creating the business plans for innovators, as well as executing it.

Your partner in licensing

Based on the Assignment Agreement on the non-film distribution executed with the ZAGREB FILM and authors of the animated series Professor Balthazar (the Work), Ultra Link has been entitled to the non-film use of the intellectual property arising from the Act including copyright, trademark, models, designs, namely integrity of all the characters and animated expressions that may be related to the stated Act. All the characters and other expressions arising from the Act are the basis for the commercial use of the stated intellectual property by producing the merchandise and/or providing the services with the fixed or incorporated portions of the stated intellectual property as well as the use of the characters in advertising materials and media marketing; Ultra link is authorized to enter into appropriate business agreements with the business partners in order to exploit the characters and expressions of the Act and to label merchandise and/or services.

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